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Free your design and simulation team from unnecessary constraints with a simple, fast, and accurate CFD software that every engineer can use. Mesh-free fluid simulation, HPC infrastructure and professional services in one.

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Gain and share valuable technical insights

Expand your engineering know-how and leverage your competitive edge. Discover the unknown and make important product insights accessible and comprehensible for your colleagues and customers.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes with Digital Testing

Test more and test broader to verify your designs earlier

Cutting radically on project duration means less time for design optimization or troubleshooting. Minimize the risk of product failure and costly product maintenance. By testing and iterating faster with CFD simulation, your products are more sustainable.

Break through the Simulation Bottleneck

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Utilize your design and CFD simulation teams more efficiently

Most simulation solutions require staff with specialized skills, which makes scarce experts the productivity bottlenecks. With a mesh-free technology, user-friendly automation and collaborative workflows, design engineers are empowered to conduct simulation studies independently. This way, simulation experts focus their time on complex inquiries and general modeling quality.

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Browser-based, minimalistic simulation software shows how the fluid is distributed in the gearbox. On the left side, a list of objects. On the right side, view options. Engineering sketches in the background.
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What Our Customers Say

Our cooperation with dive solutions is characterized by an open, target-oriented and agile collaboration. With the help of their SPH-Solver we were able to simulate complex flows in a roller bearing and answer technically relevant questions.

Dr.-Ing. Kay Juckelandt

Together with Dive Solutions we developed a highly automated workflow for the simulation of splash tests, which enables a quick and easy identification of solution strategies. This was only possible with the always helpful and open-minded team of Dive Solutions.

Dr.-Ing. Kai Häberle

The cooperation with Dive Solutions is very sincere and inspiring. By using models that reflect the current state of research, we are able to depict highly complex and non-linear phenomena that are not or hardly measurable on an experimental basis.

Dr.-Ing. Christian Oertel

Dive gives exciting insights into gearbox oil splashing beyond conventional plexiglass covers. It is a great pleasure exploring the possibilities of particle-based simulation together with their passionate team.

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Rhode, NGC Transmission Europe

With Dive, we gain visibility of the otherwise hidden fluid and thermodynamic processes inside our Rollstar planetary gearboxes. In the long term, this advances our understanding of lubricating oil distribution, splash losses, and heat transfer in the gearbox. For these complex topics, as a family-run SME, we appreciate the individual and proactive exchange with Dive's Customer Success engineers.

Stefan Noser, Project Manager, Rollstar

Working together with Dive was a real eye-opener of what we could learn about gearbox lubrication without expensive and time-consuming tests. Already the first exercises during workshops gave us new insights, looking inside a gear unit in operation.

Daniël Verbeek, Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Your Knowledge Base is great. It even gives an SPH newcomer like me all the information required to teach myself and execute the workflows to answer my engineering questions.

Thomas Rinner, Engineer, DEF

And your tool fully runs in the cloud so we don’t need any IT budget to maintain it? Great! Then we can save a vast amount of money. A cloud tool should simplify collaboration in our global engineering network.

Stefan Prebeck, Vice President of R&D Division Industrial Technology, ZF

Experience Dive

If your engineering team is dealing with liquids and heat management, chances are this is the right software for you.

Use the Dive CFD software for one week, including service by a Customer Success Engineer who will ensure successful results for your project. No strings attached. Comfortably evaluate your project before you commit to a subscription.

Browser-based, minimalistic simulation software on the screen of a computer showing a simulation of the FZG gearbox. The fluid is built out of particles. The colors on the fluid present the heat distribution. On the left side, is a list of objects. On the right side, view options. Engineering sketches in the background.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Dive’s simulation software cost?

How you use our service depends on the number of core hours you need throughout the year. Core hours are calculated based on the number of CPU cores running during simulations. To give you an idea, if you run a 40-core CPU for 4 hours, it adds up to 160 core hours. Importantly, you pay for the usage, not per license.

Think of it like choosing a data volume for your smartphone plan – you pick a package size based on your needs. The cost includes our support, hardware, and software, so you can focus on your engineering tasks, and we take care of the rest.

If you want more details on pricing, just reach out to us by booking a Demo, and we'll get back to you shortly.

Does Dive also provide support or consulting services?

With our license, it's not just about the tool. You also receive support from our team of CFD experts known as Customer Success Engineers. They don't just guide you through troubleshooting; they share their knowledge and best practices to help you optimize the setup, reduce costs, and enhance the performance of your computations.

Which simulation method are you using?

We use a particle-based method called Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic which is superior when it comes to simulating complex moving parts since it’s mesh-free.

Imagine each particle carrying some properties, like speed and density. These particles then move around and exchange information with nearby particles, allowing the simulation to capture complex fluid behaviors, like splashing or swirling, in a more natural way.

We wrote an easy-to-read article explaining the method.

What does the buying process look like?

Feel free to schedule a no-obligation demo with us. We'll reach out to discuss your specific needs and determine if our simulation method is the right fit for your problems. If it is, you can participate in a trial to test your case using our tool. Throughout the trial, our Customer Success Engineer will provide support. Once we find the best package for your team, we'll send over the contract for you to sign.

How long it takes to set up the software and start working with it?

After signing the contract, you'll receive your initial admin login. From that point on, you can start simulating and obtain results within a few hours. There's no installation or account setup required. To invite additional users, simply provide their email addresses.

Can people work in software from different countries and different departments?

Here comes the power of cloud-based platforms. Collaborate seamlessly with all engineers in your department using a single online tool, regardless of their location. With just one license, there's no need to reserve tool slots anymore. Simply log in and start collaborating whenever you need.

Book a Demo

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