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CFD software in a browser shown on the notebook. Blue fluid simulation of splashes in the gearbox.  On the left side, is a list of objects. On the right side, view options. Engineering sketches in the background.
A snippet from the interface of the software that shows that you can choose High Performance Computing power (120 cores) to simulate your case.
A snippet from the interface that shows the physical models: Multiphase, Surface Tension and Heat Transfer which the user can enable.

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Cloud-based CFD software

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Access your simulation projects any time, from anywhere with our browser-based CAE software.

A mesh-free simulation method

Mesh-free simulation technology

Simulate what you couldn’t before with our SPH solver. Rely on fast simulations and high accuracy.

cfd engineering

Premium customer experience

Be sure to succeed with a CAE expert by your side, and a Knowledge Base full of helpful articles.

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For years, cloud-native browser-based tools have been conquering various industries and shaping our professional and personal lives. It’s about time to leverage the technical advantages in the engineering workplace. No installation, no maintenance - just engineering.

Get Started Faster with an Intuitive Setup

A CFD software anyone can learn to use

Upload your geometry as a .stl file and set up your case with an easy-to-use interface. Automate preprocessing via Python scripting to speed up. Learn everything you need to know about the software and SPH, thanks to the Knowledge Base.

Run Powerful Simulations with HPC in the Cloud

Scalable and flexible to your changing needs

Simulate faster than ever before. Thanks to High Performance Computing (HPC) in the cloud, you can scale your simulations to your needs. Enjoy the flexibility and only pay for what you use.

Analyze Your Results in the Built-in Post-processor

See beyond plexiglass covers

With just a few clicks, you can see the fluid behavior and analyze wall properties like wetting and stress characteristics. Gain valuable and otherwise hidden insights to make better design decisions.


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90+ Articles in the Knowledge Base
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More than CFD software, and beyond consultancy

Guidance and support is included as a running service in your subscription. From setup, to goal definition, result analysis, and simple support - our customer success engineers are with you from day 1. Whether you want to work independently or need more guidance, we tailor the experience to fit your needs. Our customers get personalized and continuous guidance by our CAE expert engineers.

A young professional in the front of his computer having a video call.

Simulate What You Couldn’t Before

Thanks to improved methods, a fast mesh-free solver, and a better interface, you can discover new use cases and simulate what you couldn’t before. The Dive CFD software is continuously optimized to include the latest improvements for optimal use and the best-in-class validated physical models.

Discover new applications with SPH

Oil simulation of the complex gearbox


A simulation of the electric engine that shows temperature distribution.

Electric motor

Combustion engine

Combustion engine

A simulation of sloshing effect in the tank. The half of the fluid is represented by particles.


A simulation of the air purifier

Sealing & water ingress

Set up faster with mesh-free preprocessing

Mesh generation is among the most tedious, frustrating and time-consuming task in many simulation projects. The mesh-free nature of the SPH method allows blazingly fast simulation setups. Also, it is the door opener for fully automated parameterized simulation studies.

Rely on validated and established physical models

The Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method is a particle-based numerical simulation technology that originated 1977 in astrophysics. In years of intensive academical and industrial research, we developed a robust and reliable formulation that satisfies the high demands of engineering applications.

Read more about SPH
IPX simulation of a white vacuum cleaner. The blue fluid is build of particles.
Browser-based, minimalistic simulation software on the screen of a computer showing a simulation of the FZG gearbox. The fluid is built out of particles. The colors on the fluid present the heat distribution. On the left side, is a list of objects. On the right side, view options. Engineering sketches in the background.

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